REIWAG expands in Czech Republic

Successfull in six countries


Vienna. - "Entrepreneur of the Year", "Hidden Champion" - the Austrian company Reiwag has recently received many international awards. The rapid sales growth has now also consequences: In Prague, a new headquarters was opened for the Czech participation "Komwag".

Reiwag owner Viktor Wagner: "For many years we are ensuring that the roads are clean in Prague." With a new record sales of over 60 million euros the Reiwag also  has been operating successfully in Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania, only from Hungary Reiwag has retreated again. Originally a cleaning specialist, Reiwag has increasingly prevailed in the "Facility Management", where offices, supermarkets or factories of well-known companies are comprehensively serviced.

That this is a growth industry, also proves the fact that Reiwag has been repeatedly ranked among the 500 fastest growing companies in Europe. The Group now employs a total of 2700 employees, of which around 1200 in Austria.


Quelle: Kronen Zeitung, 11. Juli 2015

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