Everything under control!

Technical Facility Management

The complexity of technical building facilities and their efficient management increases steadily. If disturbances occur, these mostly lead to considerable impediments in the operating procedure, but also often to a financial damage and displeasure at employees and customers.

Within the scope of the technical facility management REIWAG takes over the operating control of the technical building facilities, and therefore is able to minimize the frequency of faults by appropriate handling and professional maintenance during the whole life cycle of the real estate.

Examples of technical building systems are heating-, ventilation-, sanitary- and cooling installations, fire prevention installations, security- and access authorisation systems, garage technology, lift facilities and electric installations.

Beside the professional operational management of this building technology REIWAG is also the right partner for performance improvement during operation, the realisation of small rebuildings or the supervision of external companies.

Modern buildings increasingly are equipped with a building automation technology. Particularly, but not exclusively, in these buildings the application of CAFM software is worthwhile as an integrated component of the information technology of the whole enterprise. This computer-assisted management of the mutually influencing technical building facilities is supervised by our specialists according to FM concept on site or by remote maintenance. In case of failure our employees eliminate the fault immediately or if within the warranty or period will initiate an immediate fault clearance by the manufacturer.

Choose from the following technical services:

  • Take over and initiation of technical building facilities
  • Ongoing operation
  • CAFM-Software
  • Fault management
  • Performance improvement during operation
  • Maintenance (inspection, service, repair)
  • Warranty and guarantee management
  • Initiation of compulsory inspections
  • Modernization and minor rebuildings
  • Documentation and reporting system